Comprehensive Land Use Plan

Process Road Map

The development of a land use plan is an orderly process with six distinct phases that will bring the Plan from start to finish as indentified below. The estimated timeline below is a general guide on the length of time it will take to update the Plan.

  • Phase 1: Inventory – Inventory of data, trends, plans, maps, models and reports in order to attain baseline information to assist in planning discussion and provide information for informed direction and decisions.
  • Phase 2: Analysis, Issues and Opportunities – Conduct analysis of data and trends while identifying issues and opportunities. Public and stakeholder participation is a key component of identifying issues and opportunities.
  • Phase 3: Visioning – Focuses on developing and articulating the shared vision through public participation.
  • Phase 4: Develop Guiding Principles, Policies, Goals – Focuses on drafting and developing guiding principles, policies, goals, actions and implementation strategies, where appropriate.
  • Phase 5: Plan Development – Focuses on formulating and developing a comprehensive land use plan draft.
  • Phase 6: Adoption and Implementation – Attain final approval and adoption, then commence with implementation.

Project Schedule

Detailed Project Schedule